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‘Bringing to you health & wellbeing practitioners you can trust.’

At Hridhaya, we ensure that all practitioners have appropriate credentials, insurance and registrations before approving their affiliation with the Centre, so you can be assured of receiving a reliable, professional service. After your consultation with any of the listed practitioner, please write to us about your experience.  We would love to hear your feedback. Also, feel free to contact us if you are unable to find what you are looking for.

Note: For your convenience, modalities are listed in reverse alphabetical order.



SHFT InsideSHFT Inside – Prabha offers Yoga sessions through private consultations. Private sessions are offered as a set of 4, suitable for anyone who does not feel comfortable with standard Yoga studio classes, to learn poses and thereby develop a routine for practising at home. Contact Prabha on shftinside@gmail.com or 0422980279 to book an appointment.

1Simply Be You – I am Julie-ann. I am a yoga therapist working one on one, also with small yoga groups. I am a healer, with various modalities. I bring my healing in to everything I do. I am an Aromatherapist for 28 years.
I also hold my New Moon Gatherings monthly. I offer guidance on life and mystical pathways. I am what I am, growing, sharing, learning and grateful. Contact Julie-ann on 0407730469.

Reiki & Intuitive Healing



Kay Mackle – Kay is certified in Reiki and offer healing sessions. Kay works by intuition with the rhythm and vibrations of life. Soul Energy Healing is Kay’s gift. Kay works with the body finding the most important need. Adjustments and alignments take place which puts the skeletal body in balance. Kay work on the meridians, the chakras, the aura and the energy field beyond. This energy healing is intuitive. To book a session with Kay please contact the Centre.



SHFT InsideSHFT Inside – Prabha Srinivasan offers 6-8 week mindfulness coaching program suitable for professionals, carers and anyone else looking to  learn stress reduction techniques. Contact Prabha via. shftinside@gmail.com or 0422980279 to book an appointment.



SHFT Inside

SHFT Inside – Prabha Srinivasan offers individual mentoring to build your ability to meditate and tap into your truth of ‘who you are’. Number of sessions and frequency is tailored to your need.  Contact Prabha via. shftinside@gmail.com or 0422980279 to book an appointment.

EFT-Logo-white-325x82 Energy Balance EFT – Fiona Koutlis holds regular meditation classes and has produced her own meditation recording, with the fabulous team from Aldus Productions, “Divine Spark of Love”. Fiona’s goal is to assist people reach their full potential, living a life with less stress, a feeling of inner peace and bringing their dreams to fruition. Contact Fiona on energybalanceeft@bigpond.com or 0411390687.



AzreaAsrai and Hope – Azrae is a Mackay local who has been exploring the beautiful world of Ka Huna massage. This style of bodywork was born on the islands of Hawaii and is a unique form of full body massage that uses hands, forearms, and elbows to flush out toxins, treat the lymphatic system and improve circulation.  Ka Huna is a flowing blend of soft and deep tissue massage that, for many, feels like a beautiful extension of the heart. Treatments allow for a holistic approach to healing, providing balance between mind, body and soul; instilling a sense of peace and deep relaxation which can make you feel whole and touched from the inside out. For more information and to make a booking, please contact Azrae Hope on 0450552351.

Life Coaching


SHFT Inside SHFT Inside – Prabha offers business mindset coaching for those who run or manage small businesses,  coaching for couples and positive mindset coaching for individuals who wish to stay resilient, calm and successfully navigate through life changes.  Contact Prabha via. shftinside@gmail.com or 0422980279 to book an appointment.

Melissa Photo for Zen compressed Melissa is an experienced teacher and an enthusiast of Wellbeing. Melissa offers coaching using Positive Psychology model and can introduce you to a  toolbox of wellbeing skills and strategies that you can call on at any time to support you in reaching your potential. Contact Melissa via. melissalarsen2020@gmail.com or 0429218374.




It’s In The Move – Neuroplasticity is central to the effectiveness of the Feldenkrais Method. Trained practitioners use touch, movement, guided imagery and mindful body awareness to stimulate the brain to make useful and lasting improvements to movement and posture. Feel better, Move better , Reduce pain – in gentle, easy, Awareness Through Movement lessons with Feldenkrais practitioner, Sue Vonthien. Try with a complimentary first lesson. Register first at 0418 192 136. Locations: Mackay, Marian and Finch Hatton.

Energy Correction Technique

KylieAgiusBody Nurture NourishKylie is a certified practitioner of Energy Correction Reset helping people to balance their whole entire body (muscles, tendons, hormones, ligaments, glands, chakras, meridians, organs & nerves). I energetically & gently touch your upper torso, jaw & head with my hands.  After an appointment with me, you will notice  your stress has lifted & your feel mentally & emotionally lighter with more mental clarity & less aches & pains.  If you have ever had dental work, traumas or stress then Energy Correction Reset will help to deal with the issues arising from those things.  For more information and to make a booking please phone Kylie 0438320967.  Distant healings also available.

EFT (Tapping)


EFT-Logo-white-325x82Energy Balance EFT –  Fiona Koutlis is the Director of Energy Balance EFT. Fiona was so impressed with her own results working with EFT that she became a practitioner, to share this tool with others. Fiona has helped many people using EFT. Some have said it has changed their lives. Fiona works with people in person and from all over the world via Skype and Zoom. Contact Fiona on energybalanceeft@bigpond.com or 0411390687.

Sylvanna Counselling & Healing Studio – Sylvanna offers tapping sessions for acute and chronic emotional, psychological and physical ailments.

Contact Sylvanna via. 0447123413 to book an appointment.



Sylvanna Counselling & Healing Studio – Sylvanna offers private counselling sessions at her studio in Andergrove. With over 20 years in the field now, Sylvanna has studied many modalities relating to mind, body and soul and now practice as a Holistic Psychotherapist. Contact Sylvanna via. 0447123413 to book an appointment.

Bars (Access Consciousness)

access consc

KylieAgiusBody Nurture NourishKylie is a certified Access Consciousness Practitioner offering people a chance to declutter their minds, thoughts, emotions, beliefs & points of view that no longer serve their higher self.  Kylie has helped many people feel lighter, more ease, more relaxed, better sleep, improved mental clarity, less aches & pains, improved sex life just to name a few.   It can also improve children with their schoolwork & behaviour.  If you would like to improve your wellbeing then phone Kylie 0438320967.  Distant healings are now available.


Margaret DeurhoffMargie Deurhof – Margie’s journey with Ayurveda began around twenty years ago on a trip to India. Ayurveda is a truly holistic system of overall health that is freely available to everyone. Having seen the amazing healing potential of Ayurveda firsthand and have felt the benefits of making better lifestyle, dietary and emotional choices in day-to-day routines, Margie is keen to spread the knowledge through information classes and ayurvedic cooking at the Centre. In a time when the demands of modern life, increasing levels of stress and emotional strain cause unhappiness, illness and disease, Ayurveda has never been more relevant.

Art Therapy

FB_IMG_1535262808537Jaclynne Thomas –  Jaclynne provides a safe non-judgemental space for people to express their thoughts & feelings through Art mediums combined with other modalities. By guiding people to examine their own creations Jaclynne enables clients to gain self awareness, clarity & insight,  often seeing things clearer or in a different way. No art skills are needed, as it’s about the process & not the end product. All art materials are supplied. To make an appointment with Jaclynne, email hello@jaclynnethomas.com.au or call 0416120424.

Melissa Photo for Zen compressedMelissa is a practicing artist and Art teacher. Through her innovative Art workshops, you’ll use your strengths of curiosity and creativity, learning new art skills through an exciting range of materials and approaches. Unlock your inner child. Art leads to wellbeing as you experience flow, mindfulness and a new found joy. Contact Melissa via. melissalarsen2020@gmail.com or 0429218374.

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