Zazen Meditation:

“Very knowledgeable. Great experience.”

“Connecting to self- peaceful and calm.”

Meditation Morning:

“I really enjoyed this morning’s meditation group. Great to learn new techniques.”

“Impressed as a first timer.”

“Relief to find a place to help me find myself again.”

“Very enlightening.”

“It was very lovely and soothing.”

“I felt the cleansing in myself.”

“Very helpful and what I have been looking for.”

“Prabha’s way of teaching meditation and mindfulness makes it easy and accessible for everyone.

Life Coaching:

“Whilst utilising the teachings of Prabha, I have gained an awareness and understanding of my inner dialogue.¬† Using strategies to cope with my stress, through meditation and simple to use techniques, I have also felt glimpses of peace for the first time in my life.”


“My first experience with Reiki and I found Paul to be excellent in his work and his professional manner.”

” I had the distinct honour to experience Kay’s hands on healing. Kay has an innate ability to comfort and heal, with her gentle touch and kind words. I felt safe, loved and cared for. Thank you so much Kay!”

EFT (Tapping):

“Sylvanna was amazing and thoroughly tapped into my emotions. I left the session feeling a lot cleaner. Thank you!”

” I felt really nice after my session as though I had released things. Thank you!”


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