Sound Therapy

Experience complete relaxation and rebalancing of your body’s energy fields through a blissful crystal bowl sound therapy session. Sound is vibration which touches every part of our physical being. It may alter cellular function, calm the mind, release emotions and clear blockages which create dis-ease. Quartz crystal bowls emit specific sound and colour vibrations that align with each chakra harmonising the body.

Bron encountered sound healing after several trips to Egypt where she connected with the goddess Hathor in her temple at Dendera. Goddess of joy, music, sound and dance. Bron uses a full set of crystal bowls, Nepalese meditation bowls, special tools made of stone and sand from the ancient island of Isis at Luxor and her own sacred voice tones. Uplifting and positive messages from spirit often accompany these sessions.

Sessions are available during August on Fridays only. Cost $80.
Allow 1hour-1:15.

Please text Bron on 0407767552 for bookings or facebook message to Bronvoyage

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