Ayurveda and the Moon

‘Everyone is satisfied by the presence of the moon’ (Srimad Bhagavatam).

Ayurveda understands that if we live in sync with the earth’s daily and seasonal cycles, we can harness the energies of nature to bring balance and awareness into our lives. This in turn will help us to be happier, healthier and more productive. We are designed to live in harmony with nature and Ayurveda provides us with many daily and seasonal guidelines to help us do this.

According to the ancient wisdom that is Ayurveda, the New Moon is a time to soften; a good time for detoxing, clearing and preparing for fresh starts. Set your intentions during this phase. The new moon is the best time to prioritise relaxation, to honor yourself, everyone and the greater nature as a whole. The new moon is governed by Vata.

At the Full Moon hold steady; reflect, practice gratitude but be kind and gentle with yourself. Don’t overdo things and leave plenty of time for quietness and creativity. The full moon is governed by Kapha.

When the moon is waning, our intuition and inner wisdom becomes more accessible. During this time, our emotions may become our messengers.

During the waxing of the moon we move outwards and this is a great time for planning, organising and being social. Don’t push yourself too much during this time. In July, the Full Moon occurs on Sunday 5th.  The New Moon falls on the Tuesday 21st. July is a great month to tap into the wisdom of Ayurveda with a relaxing Abhyanga (ayurvedic massage) or Shirodhara (a profound treatment pacifying to mind and body).

To help you honour and heal yourself this month, Margie is offering 10% discount on Shirodhara (therapeutic oils excluded). To take advantage of this offer, contact Margie at www.marigoldayurveda.com and use the word July.

Margie is available to support you to take control of your own health through an individual Ayurvedic consultation. You will be given advice on daily and seasonal routines tailored just for your unique constitution including dietary guidelines. She also offers a range of therapeutic bodyworks, including musculo-skeletal treatments (Basti)for back, neck, knee and shoulder problems.

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