Are you Friends with your Body?

As a Teaching Principal, for many years my relationship with my body was simply to have the expectation that it would enable me to do what I wanted.  The only time I really paid attention was if it let me down.  Aches and pains were a disappointment rather than a communication that that there could be a better way. 

And then, one day, someone invited me to spend just an hour a week to rediscover what I had forgotten…

My body could be my teacher

I could rediscover the pleasure in gentle movement

I could learn how to move with ease – much like being a child again

Old habits that result in tightened muscles and discomfort could change and easier ways can be found.

Rather than copying movements and trying my best to do them well, this session was different.  Each lesson gave me the chance to find space and movement and actually experience the sensation of it. 

That method I was introduced to was Feldenkrais. As good secrets are hard to keep, I shared this with my family and friends who seemed resigned and settled for less and less freedom in movement.

And now here I am – a trained Feldenkrais practitioner, working in the fied for the last 4 years. I am keen to share these possibilities with you.  I usually run my classes and consults at Hridhaya Centre,  but given the distancing rules and regulations, I am holding free online classes over the next 3 weeks. You can join through the Trybooking links below. 

Tuesday  10:00 am on  5/5/2020 to 19/5/2020   (Floor based)

Book this FREE class via:

Wednesday   5:30pm  on 6/5/2020 to 20/5/2020 (Chair class)

Book this FREE class via:

Wednesday 8:30 pm on 6/5/2020 to 20/5/2020  (Kids Asleep)

Book this FREE class via:

Thursday 5:30pm on 7/5/2020 to 21/5/2020

Book this FREE class via:

If you want to know more information about me and my services, visit my website – I would love to connect with you!

Sue Vonthien

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