Is Your Wellbeing on Pause?

Here is why it shouldn’t be.

With isolation and distancing regulations in place for weeks in a row and for the near future, our mental wellbeing is more crucial now than ever before.

As human beings, we draw stength from connections, to people, to self, to nature, to things, to values etc…

Given the instability of today’s situation, many are impacted physically, emotionally and financially, which could even be ourselves and our family members.

As the most beaten self-care motto goes, ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’! Well we all know that, but do we really? And are we taking it seriously now?

Have you noticed your moods lately? Have you noticed other’s in the house and their moods (well have you? wink, wink). When stress accumulates, we are easily irritable, feel exhausted and struggle to find joy. Within relationships and family this can mutliply, before it goes out of control.

So my request to you is, take time. For your Self, that’s right Self with a capital S. And sitting in front of a TV or scrolling through social media isn’t taking time! Then what is?

  • Take a mindful walk (even if it is in your backyard)
  • Be with nature – feel the sun, the breeze, the earth, look at the sky, (when was the last time you watched the clouds and spotted an animal or letter?)
  • Eat mindfuly – in a quiet space without distractions (TV included) and if you can sit with nature, even if it is in your balcony.
  • Reach out and help someone else – There is something about doing a kind deed for others that invokes a sense of wellbeing within us…
  • Stay in touch with the Practitioners you usually engage with at the Centre and follow their page for inspiration.
  • Schedule time for attending online wellness classes, that our Practitioners are running (yes you do get the same relaxing effect even though its an online class! Try it.)

Click the pause button on life and the play button on self-care, atleast once everyday.

Written by Prabha Srinivasan

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