What Am I Thinking?

Our thoughts, feelings, words and actions represent how the world currently reacts to us. If we want changes in our life we need changes in our thinking. Before saying something or taking action wait for a moment and ask yourself:

-> What Am I Thinking?

-> Is what I am thinking actually true?

-> Do I have evidence to back-up these thoughts or have I made assumptions? Are there other ways to think about this situation?

-> Do my current thoughts support my personal vision and my goals?

I call this W.A.I.T and I often remind myself to W.A.I.T to avoid saying or doing things that are not good for me. I often have little notes stuck around my home, car and workplace to remind me to W.A.I.T. 

Once you learn to W.A.I.T you will start saying and doing more things that are good for your current and future life. You might discover that you have thoughts that you would prefer not to have, don’t worry about that. There is no need to ever judge our thoughts, just observing them and learning how to replace less helpful thoughts with more helpful thoughts can change our life.

You know It is time to W.A.I.T when…Things are not going the way you want?You are having negative feelings about someone or something. You are thinking thoughts that place blame on yourself or others.You are feeling distressed or overwhelmed.

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