Turning your Fear around

I want to write about the present day events of the COVID – 19 and how it has thrown us into chaos. We are living on the edge not knowing how many more lives the virus has taken or those that have been effected or how many places have closed down, reinforcements of social distance and how many families are isolating to protect themselves, until we listen or watch the news updates. All the news is creating doom and gloom and has triggered an enormous emotion of fear that is frightening, scary, unnerving and causing unsettling mind sets.

No one is in denial, the virus is here and we have to learn how to manage this dangerous beast and work towards combatting the virus. HOW DO WE DO THAT ?

STOP feeding the beast and starve it. 

Right now, it feels as if the virus is the master of us all because of the unknown factors about it. FEAR attracts Fear and can cause the brain to go right out of control and end up disoriented. At times like this fear runs very high and information is extracted by our brain from wherever possible to keep up to date.

Here are a few of tested ideas to help you manage the fear of the virus.

  1. Monitor how often you listen or watch the news updates. View it as if it was one of the soappies Neighbours, Home and Away that you love watching. If you didn’t watch these shows you know you’re still going to catch up with all the gossip next time. The news updates are the same.
  2. Keep your distance from negative people because this will cause you to be anxious and start to worry about what has not happened yet ( cross the bridge when you come to it )
  3. Working from home it’s a great time to be pro-active and create new services and products. A lady came up with the idea of making paper masks at home and it has taken off.
  4. How many of you have finally got those projects finished that you haven’t been able to because work came first ? Start a new project something you have a passion for or been wanting to do.  
  5. Enjoy the children been home and make up things to do like games, projects, plans and keeping them busy. This is also good time to get them helping out with the chores and pets.
  6. If you have a pet dog then let the children give the dog a bath or take the dog for a walk with your guidance, even if it’s only around the backyard.  
  7. This is also good time for relationships to become stronger with both partners at home. Hey catch up on that lost time because you’ve both been working and attending to children and house hold needs.
  8. Those that live on your own take advantage of Social media to keep in contact with friends and families that are not close at hand and may live overseas. Ring the support networks Life Line, Beyond Blue, Salvation Army, St Vincent’s De Paul and have a chat with someone on the line, they’re waiting to help.    

Are you familiar with the N.Z. singing group Split Enz? Well they spent 6 months in a leaky boat, lets take a leaf out of their boat(book) and ride this storm out and eventually combat COVID – 19  


Written by Sylvanna Scott

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