Welcome Julie-ann

New Board of Directors – Hridhaya

End of 2019 one of our Directors announced that she was moving away and since then we have been in the lookout for a new Director, who can enable Hridhaya in moving forward into it’s future vision.

Over the last few months, as per the guidelines stated in our constitution, all existing members of Hridhaya’s Board considered and approached various personnel for this position.

After careful consideration of best fit, the team has unanimously elected Julie-ann Coombes, as the our new Director.

We are very delighted that Julie-ann has accepted this role, as she comes with a wealth of wisdom and intuitive insight. Julie-ann used to run a metaphysical outlet in Mackay called Mystic Connection, many years ago. Now, Julie-ann provides her service through Yoga Therapy and holding support groups for spiritual development.

It is our wish to continue our support to the Mackay community through the collective leadership of the new Board. We hope you will join us in making Julie-ann feel welcome.

_ Prabha Srinivasan

(on behalf of the Board)

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