Meet Skye – Naturopath


When you meet Skye, her intentions to help people can be felt! Skye is a passionate naturopath and loves teaching people (especially mums) that its not just ok to put yourself first but its actually essential! With methods of herbal medicine, nutrition, mindfulness and intuition, she can help you make the changes you need.  Imagine waking fresh every morning, having lots of energy and patience with your children and whatever stress the world throws at you.  Imagine feeling the happiest you have ever been and doing the things that you really love.

Skye’s appointments are all about living your best life, getting out of your comfort zone and putting yourself first. For the month of February Skye is offering $70 initial consults (normally $95) where you will work together to dig deep and really find out what is holding you back. Book an appointment with Skye by calling her on 0414 171 901 or visit her Facebook page, or Skye’s website,

Skye will be holding workshops at the Centre in February as well. Stay tuned for more information!

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