Art Therapy

“Art is the meeting ground of the world inside and the world outside.” Elinor Ulman

It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you Jaclynne Thomas, an art therapist passionate about the healing power that art can bring to one’s life.

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Jaclynne provides a safe non-judgemental space for people to express their thoughts & feelings through art mediums combined with other modalities. By guiding people to examine their own creations, Jaclynne enables clients to gain self-awareness, clarity & insight. No art skills are needed to participate in this therapy, as it’s about the process & not the product. All art materials will be supplied for you.

Jaclynne is a certified in Counselling, NLP, Transpersonal Art Therapy, Child development and Creative Play. Jaclynne will be running hands on sessions at the Centre. Follow our Facebook page for upcoming events. More information about Jaclynne’s work can be found at her website.

Jaclynne is available for individual consultations at the Centre. To make an appointment with Jaclynne, email or call 0416120424.

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