Ka Huna Massage

It is with much delight and enthusiasm we present to you, Azrae Hope. Azrae is our newest addition to the Practitioners family at Hridhaya. Please welcome Azrae and the beautiful service she brings to Mackay!


Azrae is a mackay local who has been exploring the beautiful world of Ka Huna massage. This style of bodywork was born on the islands of Hawaii and is a unique form of full body massage that uses hands, forearms, and elbows to flush out toxins, treat the lymphatic system and improve circulation.
Ka Huna is a flowing blend of soft and deep tissue massage that, for many, feels like a beautiful extension of the heart.
Treatments allow for a holistic approach to healing, providing balance between mind, body and soul; instilling a sense of peace and deep relaxation which can make you feel whole and touched from the inside out.
Azrae is offering 60-90 minute Ka Huna treatments on Sunday’s at the centre, throughout May and June on a donation basis. Make a booking to experience Ka Huna massage for a donation – Contact Azrae Hope on 0450552351.

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