Healing, Hope and Harmony


If you are feeling lost or challenged in your life journey, here is an invitation for you. Kay Mackle is an intuitive healer who incorporate Reiki, Crystal healing and Energy Massage into her treatment. Kay’s calling is to assist those who are feeling lost. A client’s testimonial of Kay’s work after a healing session was,

“Kay┬áhas an innate ability to comfort and heal, with her gentle touch and kind words. I felt safe, loved and cared for.”

Kay very generously donates 50% of your payment to support the Centre, as she sees the Centre as being ‘just what the community needs’. If you have never experienced a healing session with Kay, this your opportunity to heal…

Book an appointment: Kay is available for appointments at lunch time every Thursday (11 AM to 2 PM) and all mornings every Saturday (9 AM to 1 PM). You can receive a 30 minute healing for $30 or 1 hour for $50. Half your payment is generously donated to the Centre.

Interested? Want to find out more? Call Kay Mackle on 0439651431.


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