Headspace – A testimonial

Jen has been a regular participant of Friday Meditation Mornings at the Centre and this is Jen’s story. For privacy and confidentiality reason, some personal details have been changed.


 Although I have been blessed with the support of wonderful family and friends, everything in life had truly taken toll when I was first introduced to meditation mornings at Hridhaya Centre. Between work, family and health, I knew I needed professional help. My unhappiness deepened when I was losing control of events surrounding a family member. Silently I approached a GP for help and I broke down for the first time. My doctor referred me to a psychologist and waiting between referral and getting an appointment seemed to take forever. That’s when I was asked if I was interested in joining meditation and yoga philosophy class. Not knowing a lot about it, I went along.

On attending my first session with the group guided by Prabha, I truly had a wonderful experience of calmness. It’s amazing how we allow certain story lines to play on a loop in the mind even when there is no basis of reality. Since attending the group, I have certainly learnt no matter how much you want the mind to be free from thoughts, resisting them only creates tension.

Since attending the group, I have learnt that no matter how much you want the mind to be free from thoughts, resisting them only creates tension.

There is so much to discover and explore with the mind. This all has come at a very important time of my life as I am on sick leave from work following a major surgery. I have realised now there is no good or bad meditation and making time for yourself is important. Since starting Friday meditations at the Centre, I have created a daily meditation practise.

My journey with daily meditation has taught me that brilliant things do happen in calm minds and that each day is a new opportunity to train your mind for a happier and healthier life. My health has improved out of sight, especially my blood sugar levels. I will treasure Prabha’s book, Guidance in Your Handbag, as I find some of the versus very powerful, especially ‘Acceptance’ on page 23 and ‘Perfection’ on page 39. I am returning to work next week. I will miss the Friday morning sessions although my journey will continue with my daily meditation practise and what I have learnt at the group.

Consider this. What would your life be like if you have more space in your head? Give meditation a try!

-Jen, 20/4/2018

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