Peaceful Warrior

As part of our participation in Finch Hatton Health & Harmony festival, we will be selling raffle tickets for ‘Peaceful Warrior’ artwork (see photo below).
Tickets are available for purchase at the festival on the 8th of April, Finch Hatton Showgrounds. Tickets can also be purchased at the Centre on the Friday and Saturday before.
Artist Lorraine Elsie has very generously donated this artwork, valued at $300, to help raise funds for the Centre.
“I feel it an honour to gift my ‘Peaceful Warrior’ art piece to the Hridhaya Centre. The innocence and simplistic nature of ‘Peaceful Warrior’ flowed through as I was allowing, letting go of control and just being in the moment, peacefully creating. May the ‘Peaceful Warrior’ bring peace and strength to his new home.” – Lorraine
At the end of the day, we will be drawing a winner of this lovable warrior! Make sure you are in it, to win it!

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