To have a loving relationship we need to have developed the capacity for stillness within our being.

LOVE isn’t an emotion that you only feel; it isn’t something you do; it is something you be. It is you being present with yourself and then from this state being with another.


At the centre of our being is stillness, just be-ing-ness. We access this love from our inner hearts. With love there is a radiance from you. In order to love you have to have a relationship with yourself first.

To come back to yourself you need time to sit in stillness. Then ask yourself: “What am I feeling? How can I sooth this for myself? What do I need ? How can I nurture myself?

Inner work is a path to discovering what love is all about; a path to freedom.

Meditation is a path I have chosen.


Extracted from article in Wellbeing magazine 2012 by Cynthia Hickman, Psychologist.

Contributed by Kay Mackle, Volunteer Intuitive Reiki Practitioner @ Hridhaya

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