Angel with Essences


 1 year fades away and makes way for the new year to begin and the cosmic Universe and Angels are still working to help us get ready for 2032 where another great shift will take place and introducing to healers new ideas, therapies and teaching how to make this world a more peaceful place, to learn how to reach out for each other no matter what walk of life we have come from.

My own healing work has been inspired by Angels over the time of healing work with clients. This year I am being guided to set up an ANGEL WITH ESSENCES WORKSHOP.

The Essences have been made with a crystal that has been channelled from Angel energy, inspired with the singing notes of the crystal singing bowl sounds creating an essence made with loving hands, purity, healing, wisdom, empowerment and enlightenment invoking your own GUARDIAN ANGEL to come answer your prayers and give you blessings. To express your interest in ANGEL with ESSENCES WORKSHOP, please send an enquiry to the Centre.

Written by Sylvanna Scott AAHS., EFT., CCC., DIP/COM123, Holistic Psychotherapist, Clinical Crisis Counsellor, Angel Therapist, Intuitive EFT Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

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