Yoga Philosophy

Are you ready for more than what meets the eye?

Ancient scripture of Yoga addresses a state beyond the state of ‘self-actualisation’ (defined by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). This state is called ‘self-realisation’ a.k.a enlightenment. Yoga philosophy lays down a clear, concise guideline for reaching self realisation.

Join us for a weekly study group where we explore the philosophy behind the ancient practise of Yoga. This group is led by Prabha Srinivasan. In 2016, Prabha published her first book, Guidance in Your Handbag, which contains a collection of 100 insights that came to her through meditation. Soon after publishing this book, Prabha undertook Yoga teacher training in India to understand the process and structure behind what she unknowingly achieved through her meditation. In this philosophy study group, Prabha will share with you her interpretation of the steps described in Yoga Sutras, marrying her experiential learning with interpretations of many yogis.

There is no set fee for attending this group, as the Centre strives to enable people from all walks of life to participate in our groups. We request you to make a donation that suits your situation and the value you receive from this programme.

Yoga Philosophy Group FLYER

The group will meet every Friday, starting 24th November 2017.

11 am, Arrival and shared morning tea.
11:30 am, Discussion
12:15 pm, Close

If you are able to, please bring a plate for shared morning tea. Thank you for embarking on this journey with us.

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