Meet Robyn


Hello, I am Robyn Butcher.

I’ve lived in Mackay and district all my life, growing up and living in beautiful Pioneer Valley surrounded by crops, animals, and community minded neighbours. Leaving high school, I worked in a jewelry store, among sparkling gemstones. Met my life partner, and we had two beautiful daughters. As a stay at home mum, I was involved in whatever needs there were in the communities we lived in. Priorities changed and I returned to what I loved, yes gems! Getting out there again, I felt that there was something else I needed do. This led me to volunteer at a childcare centre. I started studying, was offered a job and had very rewarding, loving experiences, interacting with children, co-workers and families. This then evolved into home Family Day care, and I was a nanny, to four fantastic grandsons! My husband and I then went travelling to see parts of Queensland we always drove by in the past in pursuit of our Hobbies. Fishing (or observing the animals) and camping (books and caravan this time!)  Once home, I was looking for an income and combining caring for grandchildren while my daughters both pursued learning in the Health area. I started working in a local Gift Shop. This job provided the opportunity of interacting with people of all beliefs, ages and backgrounds. Really listening to them, and helping them match up with right gift or maybe just give a suggestion, was something that gave me great joy and satisfaction. Then I felt there was something more though, something missing.

To my amazement, in came a person one day on the 14th February, who was looking for a special gift. We got talking (as we do) and I realized some of her words were resonating with me. There was trust, understanding, love and acceptance and we had just met! That conversation was the beginning of my supported, learning, growing, and spiritual journey with a Holistic Counsellor. With the changes recently in our community, affecting many, I wanted to be in service, somehow, somewhere. Going full speed caring for my grandchildren, and searching to volunteer, I just couldn’t find something that defined what I was about, to ignite my flame.

I then met Prabha when under the guidance of a practitioner; I was learning to use a tool (Tapping). I had joined a community choir, and was working through my fear of going up on stage after many years. Prabha was attending the session, interviewing us both, to put on Hridhaya Centre for Wellbeing Website. Just sitting talking with Prabha, I was instantly put at ease. I felt comfortable with who and where I am. Later on in another conversation, I heard about the beginnings of the Wellbeing Centre – a central meeting place in the community, where we all feel welcome and brings together holistic Health and Wellbeing practitioners, volunteers, workshops, training and personal consultations! My flame began to flicker and grow. I can now feel it spreading as I meet others who honour the Centre and it’s values: HEART.

As a volunteer coordinator, I warmly invite you to come into the Centre. I’d love to meet you and help find supportive solutions on your journey in holistic wellbeing. Or, share a cuppa and show you around our community facilities.

Written by Robyn Butcher, Volunteer coordinator at Hridhaya.




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