Time to Celebrate

Hridhaya Centre opening ceremony is fast approaching and tickets are now available for purchase.

We have a day of inspiration planned for you. Be sure to join the fun!
Opening Ceremony Invite


10 am to 11 – Meet & Greet with Board of Directors, Practitioners & Volunteers.

11:00 Welcome address

11:15 Breathing for Stress Mgmt., Barb Whitfield

12:00 Reiki, Cathy Lee

1:30 Healing with Angels, Sylvanna Scott

2:15 Mindfulness, Prabha Srinivasan

3 to 4 pm – Lucky Draw & Conclusion

Entry Tickets have to be pre-purchased by visiting the Centre, during open hours, for a donation of $20 or more.

We have a limit on the seating, so be quick and get your ticket!


About the workshops:

Breathing for Stress Management – Feel healthier and happier with simple breathing techniquesCome understand, experience & learn how manage your stress levels using the breathe. Health, wellness and calmness await you. Learn how to create your inner & outer calmness when everyone else around you is in chaos. Be the peaceful island while the storms rages around you with Barb Whitfield Professional Health, Wellness & Breath Specialist.

Reiki – Learn what Reiki is and how it can help with Cathy Lee, Hypnotherapist and Healer. This workshop will include, information such as what a Reiki session involves, where does Reiki energy come from, fascinating client comments and stories of Reiki healing experiences. We will finish with two powerful hands on exercises to experience Reiki first hand.

Healing with Angels – In this workshop Sylvanna Scott, will empower you to be able to connect with your angels. It begins with a mediation asking for the guidance and giving permission to the Angels to connect with us all. Everyone then gets into pairs to raise the vibration of energy in the room to connect. Once we are all connected to the Angelic Realm – questions can be asked and answers will be given. The workshop finishes with a ‘Thankyou’ and gratitude towards everyone’s Angels.

Mindfulness – Our mind is well trained at ‘time travel’ – travelling to the past and the future. But does it know how to be here, now? Experience the bliss and freedom that comes with being present. Let go of all stress, worries and expectations. Learn simple strategies to stay firmly grounded in this moment where the magic happens. Facilitated by Holistic Life Coach, Prabha Srinivasan.

For more information and purchasing tickets, drop in to the Centre and chat to our volunteer.

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