The Story Behind

Some few years ago now, at a time when my life made no sense, I remember one day sitting in meditation. I was a clueless beginner in meditation at that time but I had a strong question in my mind that day. And somehow I decided that sitting in meditation was the right thing to do. So I did. Since everything I knew and had at that time, seemed to be falling apart, I had no sense of direction to move towards, I asked myself, “What is my purpose? Why am I here?”

I do not remember how long it had been since I closed my eyes but something magical seemed to happen within my mind. As if someone took an invisible paintbrush and started painting, I saw an image in my mind’s eye. I saw a ‘W’ and a ‘C’ being painted. It felt so compelling to discard it. With a shock I opened my eyes, as if waking up from a deep sleep.


I sat there wondering what those letters meant. Somehow I had a sense that it was ‘Centre’ of some sort. So what is the ‘W’ for? Is it a Women’s Centre? There is a Women’s Centre in Mackay already, I thought to myself. So what is the ‘W’ for? I had no clue then and left it at that.

I almost forgot about the vision that came up in my meditation, that day. I went on to start my own coaching practice, SHFT Inside and was very engaged in it. About 2 years ago, I felt a strong urge to register a Not-For-Profit organisation, without much clue what it would be or for. I wondered if I should register SHFT Inside, my coaching practise as a Not-for-Profit. No, that wasn’t it, I felt. And then in a flash that vision of the ‘W’ and the ‘C’ from my meditation came rushing and I had the words in my mouth ‘Wellbeing Centre’! That was a very fulfilling moment, when it all made sense, like the last piece of a puzzle falling in place.

Lo and behold! Hridhaya Centre for Wellbeing was born in January 2016.  When I think back now, it feels like a very sneaky movie that played out in my life. Nevertheless, to provide a space for those in search of their ‘meaning’ is the purpose of the Centre. Today, the Centre has grown into a team of committed directors, practitioners, volunteers and members. Who knows what the future holds!

 Written by Prabha Srinivasan, Founding Director, Hridhaya Centre for Wellbeing.


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