Modalities for Equanimity

As a Natural Therapist working with clients looking for more calmness in their life I find that people respond to kindness.  Different modalities may be used in finding this calmness and composure.  Once you are able to tap into these feelings inside yourself, a world of possibilities can open up for you.

The modalities that I find most useful are:

  • Hypnotherapy – as it helps to create a relaxed focus and has a very powerful creative and calming effect.
  • Reiki / Spiritual Healing / Energy balance – is also very nurturing, relaxing and calming and helps us to link into the power of oneness.
  • Aromatherapy – uses pure essential oils to achieve gentle positive change.
    • Frankincense – helps in letting go of beliefs that do not serve us and allows the spirit to soar.
    • Clary Sage – helps create a balance between stimulation and relaxation, clams the mind and is said to facilitate ‘mental-emotional uplift’ (Mojay 1997)

I often combine these modalities in my consultation on request, as I believe this offers the greatest positive outcomes.

Written by Cathy Lee.

Mobile:  0419 703 957



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