Spiritual Tapping

Spiritual Tapping

ANGELIC SESSION – Angels are channeled to pass on  messages to the client having a session of tapping. The client taps away on the various points that are located on the head, face, collar bone, hand and fingers.

The client is given messages from Angels that want to help and guide them. A count from 1 to 10 with 1 been the lowest and 10 been the highest on the scale.

The scale refers to the client’s negative thoughts that start dispersing away and positive thoughts start coming through the clients speech as they continue to tap and talk.

Eventually the client starts heading towards a scale of 1 where clarity and calmness take over and the client is feeling very relaxed and has a direction to follow:

Normally this session goes for 30mins to 60mins. To introduce the new website for Counselling and Healing Studio, I am offering a healing of 15mins for $15, by appointment. The website is inviting and interesting and more information can be read regarding other counselling and healing services.

Written by Sylvanna Scott.

Sylvanna Scott is a Holistic Psychotherapist, EFT Advanced Practitioner – Spiritual Tapping, Hypnosis & Communication Counsellor.

Phone: 0400417739

E-mail: sylvannascott@outlook.com

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