Massage by Donation

Massage is a healing art from which many benefits are gained.  Massaging the back muscles either side of the spine releases toxins and relieves deep seated tensions from the past. Massage improves circulation, the lymphatic system is stimulated to disperse excess fluids, muscles are kept toned and its functional power is increased.

Two common types of massage are Swedish and Remedial.  Swedish massage assists individuals to relax and be refreshed while Remedial massage works towards relieving specific painful areas on the body.

Flo Ebert, our new practitioner at Hridhaya, specialises in Swedish Massage. As an introductory offer, Flo is offering 10 appointments by donation.

Which means that this month of May, you can book in a 30 or 60 minute massage session for a donation of your choice! Hurry appointments are limited and will be offered for the first 10 takers!

“During my massage I felt cared for and respected.  Flo was professional and took into account my individual needs.  The massage itself was very relaxing and calming.”

– A testimonial from Flo’s recent client.

To book your appointment, contact Flo today!

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