Recovery from Debbie

We were extremely blessed not to have any damage to our house from our recent extended weather system named “Cyclone Debbie”.  We were also fortunate to have not lost power.  We also remained safe throughout the very scary few days it took for the weather system to pass over us and head down south to harass and scare others.

We did however have significant loss of foliage from surrounding trees.  My husband and I started making piles of branches around our yard.  When we had completed our clean up, we had four massive piles of debris on our property.  I am a firm believer in “good things happen to those who help themselves”.  At that time the council had offered free dumping of green waste until Sunday.  It was already Thursday – so our time was limited.

A neighbour came over see how we were going with our clean up, and when he saw the extent of the situation offered to help. He had a large trailer and 4 wheel drive vehicle and was not afraid to use them to help others.  The activity also attracted another neighbour with a chain saw.  He offered to help cut the branches into more manageable pieces, a task which was being undertaken by my husband using a small hand saw.

When the trailer arrived, a new neighbour paid us a visit.  He introduced himself and proceeded to help load the trailer with our broken branches.

The next day (the day of our planned dump run) we were informed that the council would pick up green waste from our footpath as part of their service.  Working alongside our neighbours, and their children we completed our clean up the very next day.  We had 2 trailer loads of debris.  This task would have taken us months to complete by ourselves.

It is important to note here that our helpers had also been through the same ordeal of a weather system, and had their own clean-up work to undertake.  They did not hesitate however to offer help to us when they saw the immensity of the issue, and understood what it would mean for us to attempt the clean up by ourselves.

Listening to the stories of the locals you will become aware that we are not the only people who are blessed with wonderful neighbours and you will know that good things CAN and DO happen.

Written by Cathy Lee.


If you were affected by the cyclone and have a story to tell, Cathy would love to hear. Come and meet her at the Health and Harmony Day.

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