Young Mother Needs Rest

An exhausted young mother of 4 pre-school children contacted me looking for something that would allow her the rest she desperately needed.

She was the proud and exhausted mother of a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and her premature twins were just two weeks old.  When the twins were born the mother had a cold and had not managed to fully recover.  Consequently these tiny twins also caught their mother’s cold and were not feeding and resting as they required.  This ‘super mum’ brought her whole family, including her husband, to see me, seeking Bowen Therapy.


I offered her Cross Fibre Release – a very similar modality.

I set up 2 rooms – one for dad and the two young children, and one for mum and the babies, so mum and bubs could relax away from the rest of the family for a short time.

The 4 year old was happy for me to work on them, and I played the game ‘chasie’ with the 2 year old, doing some gentle moves whenever I won the chase.

He stopped running and sighed whenever I performed a move on him, and decided to become easier to catch throughout the session.

Dad experienced relief from his tensions, and the 4 year old was happy for individual attention.

The little twins relaxed, improved their breathing and fell into a relaxed sleep with some very gentle moves.  This as you can imagine had a profound effect on mum, as at least one of the twins seemed to have been awake at all times since their birth.

I was informed through the post treatment report that the entire family including the exhausted twins managed to sleep through the night for the first time.

Even if you are not a mother, you can imagine the relief that this family experienced from this consultation.  Needless to say I did get to see this lovely family again, and again.  It was truly a joy to work with them.

Written by Cathy Lee.

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