Vegetarian Recipe with T-shirt

Everybody comes to a crossroad in their lives whether this be with a relationship, finances, work related, illness and last but not least weight and over eating problems that is causing health problems.

Speaking from my own experience I came to this fork in the road and desperately had to change the way I was eating or become very ill. Of course the panic button was hit and the fight and flight response kicked in too. It has now been 20 years + since I made the changes and I’m a very healthy and empowered woman because of my decision. I’m still working  my way to become a full vegan. I do not eat red meat, only free range chicken and fish. Eat a more rice, pasta, beans and legumes. Drink fruit and vegetable juices, lemon and water to start the day. Eat a lot of vegetables and love making new variety of salads. Bread was one of my biggest downfalls and today I eat gluten and yeast free’ breads and bake my own.

That’s enough about me! I wrote this blog as an encouragement to help those with eating and weight problems. If you want to begin or enhance your healthy eating journey, I would love to help you!

Ask about Recipe Starter Kit and T Shirt. Give me a call or come to the Studio, meet me and see for  yourself that by learning a few coping strategies and changes you will begin to eat with a difference.

Written by Sylvanna Scott.

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