How much can you handle?

As we work on ourselves, there comes a point in the journey where freedom can be threatening.

It can seem like it is easier to live within the constraints and demands of others (spouse, children, family, friends, society etc.) than to take control of our life and have no one to blame outside ourselves.


Like a caged bird that has been freed up, our initial joy can be overtaken by the fear of limitlessness.

The mind can equate this limitlessness to the end of life itself. It is in fact the end of mediocre living. However it is also the beginning of something magnificent – stepping into oneness with nature, creation and limitless creativity.

Have you encountered a time when freedom seemed like loose ground and you felt the deep urge to hold on to the old. If you are feeling it now or in the future, I have something healthier for you to hold on to, than to the past that does not serve you anymore.

All limitations of our mind are placed in our mind by the mind itself.  Life beyond limits is the only life you came here to live.

Open that cage door and fly high. Grandness awaits you!

Written by Prabha Srinivasan.



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