To Move an Arm

Here is a true story of a lovely man who visited me to see if I could do anything for him, as since his stroke some time ago one of his arm was paralysed.

He informed me that this arm would not move no matter how hard he tried. The specialist had told him that he should be able to start to move the arm by now as enough time had passed since the stroke.

He told me that he was feeling a lot of pressure from the word ‘should’ as he felt he was not living up to expectations. The harder he tried to move his arm, the more frustrated and depressed he became. We discussed the ownership of these expectations and how he could work with them to suit his own beliefs.

During our initial conversation, I discovered that he had worked in the building industry, and had not been able to work since his stroke. While discussing the issue he mentioned something in confidence that rang alarm bells for me but gave me something to work with.

Under hypnosis he was able to construct a way to reconnect the neural pathways to regain muscle and cell memory to enable him to raise and mobilise his arm.

Once he had developed the tools, knowledge and confidence to make these repairs himself, there was no stopping that arm from moving. He had changed the belief that was limiting his recovery.

Written by Cathy Lee.

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