Giving Joy


This time of year is the festive season for most, but for some it’s the hardest time of the year to have to go through. There are many of us humans who don’t have the joy of family, friends or anyone that they are important to and to share special occasions or milestone achievements with.

Cuddle & a Cuppa hopes everyone takes the time to be grateful for all that brings joy in their lives and to consciously make an effort to bring a little joy everyday into someone else’s life. It can be by giving a stranger walking past a smile, offering to help a person with carrying a bag, crossing the street or with directions if they look lost. It’s a simple as making conversation with the offering of a positive comment such as ‘lovely day isn’t it’?

It is taking time to care for our fellow humans because the more we give, the more we get.

Cuddle & a Cuppa looks forward to bringing joy to those here in Mackay. Maybe you know someone who doesn’t have family here, are alone quite a lot of the time, would benefit from a visit once a week. We offer a friend when you need one. An ally to go shopping with, lunch with, exercise with, walk with, talk with, enjoy an outing, a plus 1 on an invite or just hang out at the park. If you know someone who could do with a friendly visit then please feel free to give them our number so we can have a chat and organise a visit.

Sometimes it’s just what you need – a cuddle & a cuppa. It can make all the difference in someone’s world.

What can you do today to bring a little JOY into someone’s life?

Happy Festive Season. Namaste.

Written by Kim.

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