Create the Life You Want

Approximately 15 years ago, give or take a lifetime, as it feels much like that, things were very different for me.

While working in what was considered to be a ‘good job’ (supposedly part time) and also working in a second part time job as a Massage Therapist, I became ill.

You may have already guessed why I became ill.  Yes!  Exactly!  I got it too, and so did my inner being.  However it seems that my brain was slow to catch on.  It was so tired.  Of course I was not being true to myself, and certainly not creating the life I wanted.

I was diagnosed with a condition and told to expect to be in a wheelchair within a couple of years.  Well, l was planning to have many years of health and activity ahead of me.  I had places to go and things to do.

I decided to make some changes in my life.  I became creative and at the age of 50 took up the sport of snow skiing – a sport best commenced at an early age!  Not much snow here in Mackay.  So that also meant travelling.  My wonderful husband could only manage time off work when the snow was good in the Northern Hemisphere.  So that’s where we went.

This is where I wanted to go – Japan


This is what I wanted to do – Ski!


The temperature ranges between -5⁰C and -15⁰C. And yes, that is me under all those warm clothes.

As you can see the journey from a prognosis of life in a wheelchair to that of skiing is very different.

You too can ‘create the Life you want’.  Call me and together we can work through ‘the how’ for you.  The proof is in the photo.

Written by Cathy Lee.


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