What makes us believe

What makes us believe in Angels?

This seems to be the question that a lot of people struggle with placing the idea into reality. Does one believe, does one not believe, why does one want to accept that these Angelic Beings are in the Universe working hard every day to help us poor souls down here on this planet.

I can only tell you from my own experiences of how I became to believe in these Angelic Beings.

It is not about me, its about ACCEPTANCE.

Let me tell you one of my stories.

pug dog

At one stage of my life I owned pug dogs. I had a pug that only had 3 legs and went everywhere with me. One day myself and the family decided to take the boat across the water to a tourist place with a few shops and a restaurant. This place is located in Gippsland Victoria and is well known for its tourist visitors. On arriving at the jetty and as the boat is been tied up my step son ( Matt) had a ceasure and he had been holding pug dog Brenda Sue on the boat. Brenda went into water, swimming fiercely with her 3 legs and myself plus everyone else calling out to her, Brenda was so confused and all I could see was that my pug was in a lot of trouble. I immediately called out to ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and from out of nowhere a man appeared in a kayak type boat, picked Brenda Sue out of the water and headed for where I was standing at the bottom of the jetty. I took her into my arms and made sure she was safe. As I turned to say thank you, the man and the kayak had disappeared!

I know today that this man was an Earth Angel that came to help at the call of ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. Matt survived his ordeal too.

ACCEPTANCE is a powerful word of action and when this has integrated into your heart and soul the Angels will come from no where to help in times of trouble.

Angels are waiting for you to give them permission to come in and help out where needed. YES! I know what you’re thinking ‘ I CANT SEE THEM ‘ Is it a figment of imagination, Are they good, Are they not so good ( fearful ) How can Angels HELP ME’ To doubt your own inner guidance is to always doubt yourself and the truth.

The most powerful message I can pass on to those that are struggling, living in fear,  non believer, still searching for an answer,  the next time you need help call out to ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – HELP ME! HELP ME! HELP ME! and then sit back and watch what happens next: The Angels are waiting for your call.


Written by Sylvanna Scott, Holistic Counsellor @ Counselling and Healing Studio


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