SELF TALK & Your Life

The most common and the most important conversations we have, happen inside our head.

Let us start with the assumption that we are all aware that we talk to ourselves. Although we are aware of this non-stop chatter inside, how aware are we of the influence it has on our life?

Every moment in life, we are making decisions and these decisions are arrived at through the SELF TALK. Which dress to wear, how to respond to that annoying colleague, answer the phone or continue the conversation with spouse, it all gets decided on the inside.

Last weekend I facilitated a training on ‘Master your SELF TALK’ and the impact it had on the participants blew me away. The group moved from a team score of 62% to 82% as a result of the training, which is a 20% increase in their confidence in managing themselves.

Seeing the results, I decided to publish some introductory snippets of the training to give you an insider’s view. I hope these videos provide you some insight and encourages you to take charge and be the master rather than be a slave to your SELF TALK.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Written by Prabha Srinivasan, Holistic Life Coach @ SHFT Inside

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