Spiritual Cleansing

I have been on a spiritual transformation again and have been awakened by the Angels showing me that there is a CRY FOR HELP! Out there in the community.

Recently a lady came to see me because she believed she was under some kind of psychic attack. This lady with the Archangel Michael standing by instructing me, the vehicle, what to do to release this negative energy from this lady’s Crown and Third Eye chakra that felt weak, heavy and not clear. Confused and scrambled.

Archangel Michael was invoked and began cutting cords everywhere, doing what he does best to get rid of this negative energy with his blue ray sword.

As Michael cuts the cords the lady spoke out affirmations after affirmations, and the cords began to go!

After the exercise and a good nights sleep she told me that she felt lighter, the heaviness had gone, her emotions were in place, and she felt like her old self again. Again!  Here is the Power of the spoken word helping this lady to be rid of the binds that have held her back from moving on. Her healing has begun!

Written by Sylvanna Scott

Spiritual Counsellor & Healer @ Counselling and Healing studio


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