5 benefits of Goals

Goals take guts! It is not for the faint-hearted. Because you could fail. But if you are feeling brave, you can set goals and give it your best shot. Why? Here is why?
Goals have the potential to pull you out of a downward spiral and put fun back in your life!
Goals have many benefits, here are the top 5…
#1. Goal setting gives an instant boost in power.
They help you own your power to create your life, the way you want. Rather than staying a victim of other’s actions, so called ‘fate’ or life circumstances, you now get to decide how you would like your life to be. Wouldn’t you want that?
#2. Goals get you creative.
Achieving a goal is not going to be a breeze unless your goals are set too low, (but then it may not even qualify as a goal). It takes a lot of juggling, dedication and most of all coming up with creative ways to make it happen. By setting yourself a goal, you are opening your right side of the brain to come up with solutions for all the hurdles you face on the way.
#3. Goals develop your flexibility.
It gets you to look under the rock you haven’t looked so far! While you work towards achieving your goal, you will often be faced by lack of enough time/ money/ resources or at least it will appear that way. To overcome these ‘lacks’ you will be pushed to use the flexible bone in you and tweak your routines, processes and structures to find the time, the money and the resource.
#4. Goals teach you divine acceptance.
No matter what we do, there will be times when things don’t work out how we want them to. Goals really test our strength and our capability to handle failures (unexpected results really!). The dedication to giving your best shot needs to be balanced with a ‘divine acceptance’. If for some reason you don’t succeed, it simply shows that there is a part of you that resists this goal and that part is nicely buried in your subconscious. Time to put your detective eyes on!
#5. Goals help you find your Higher Self.
No amount cheering up or pep talks from friends or family is going to make you do it! Only YOU can and that determination and inner drive will surface when you work towards your goal. You will find a way that works for you, to tap into your Higher Self and let it feed your journey.
If you are eager to learn more about setting and achieving goals, come along to my ‘GUIDED for success’ workshop on the 30th of July, for a donation of your discretion. In this workshop I will teach you a simple 6 step method to achieve goals and allow them to shape you.

For more information contact Prabha Srinivasan @ SHFT Inside

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