Purpose meets Passion

Fading away is sometimes necessary, for as the saying says,

“Not all those who wander are lost”

and it is then when we can actually realign within Ourselves. In a modern world that promotes stress as a daily constant and a myriad of activities and experiences to explore, it is positive and necessary for each individual to connect with themselves and find their inner peace within. There are many different tools to do so and luckily it is becoming more and more common to visit alternative therapists, either as a source or complementary option to western medicine. The pharmaceutical solutions can only alleviate our problems and diseases superficially but, when we reach into our cores, explore and face our truths we get to a deeper understanding of who we are, what we are here for and how we can help others. It is precisely there that we find our inner balance and alignment, so important to each and everyone of us and yet sometimes so forgotten.
With the Mackay Wellness Expo my passion and purpose are channeled and focused into creating a beautiful event that can help people connect and find what they are looking for in their journey of self-growth.
The intention behind it is to create a series of wellness events that promote the healing and alignment of mind, body and soul in order to reach that state of self-confidence, love and awareness that allows us to become our pure selves.
Promoting local businesses, hand-made, environmentally-friendly and
natural products, together with alternative healing, the Expo intends to create a space of peace, relaxation and harmony for its participants to enjoy in a beautiful surrounding.
It is all a matter of finding our passion and giving it away for others to enjoy and to do so we must work on being in alignment with our true selves.
“Back to basics, back to simple, back to raw.”
Nostraamandamus V__D368
Author: Amanda at Aligning Therapies
Mackay Wellness Expo Aligning Fest is happening on the 6th of May from 4PM to 8 PM at the Kohuna Resort in Bucasia. Entry is free. For more information contact Amanda at Aligning Therapies.

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