In the words of Joseph S Benner, author of The Impersonal Life, “The best and surest way you may know Me is when Selfless Love fills your heart, and there is a strong, compelling urge to help some one, to heal their ills, to relieve their suffering, to bring them happiness, to point out the True Way, – that is the actual feeling of Me within you, pushing the personality aside, using your mind and body for the purpose I created them, as avenues for the expression of My Real Nature, which is Perfect Love, the Christ of god, the one, vitalizing, quickening, life-giving, strengthening, healing, all-supplying, all-informing Power in the Universe.”

The author of this simple message expresses beautifully the way to feel the presence of the “I AM” within each of us.

Finding alignment to source can be achieved in many ways and is a continuous journey through lifetimes of learning.


We often find that different teachers seemingly come into our lives at exactly the right moment when we are ready for the next step in our search for alignment. While these facilitators assist us in our search, ultimately we reach a point where we must look within, for all knowledge of the universe is carried within the very cells of our body.  Seeking this knowledge, this connection, this love is a journey that means being persistent with setting time aside daily to meditate on the I AM. Once we can find the connection within we can then truly show the selfless love without.

Meditation to connect with I AM:

  1. Find a quiet space where you will be undisturbed.
  2. Completely relax your body and clear your mind.
  3. Visualise you are in a hallway which contains a single door with your name on it.
  4. Open and walk through the door allowing it to close behind you.
  5. As you enter the room, it is immediately filled with a beautiful golden light.
  6. In the centre of the room is a brilliant golden being which radiates immense love.
  7. As you look up into the face of this golden being, you see that it is your own.
  8. Allow yourself to bask in the feeling of connection you have for this is the essence of source within.
  9. When you are ready you can retreat from the room and open your eyes knowing you can return at any time.



Joseph S Benner – The Impersonal Life

Lee Carroll – Kryon Book IV – The Journey Home and the Parables of Kryon (Meditation)


Author: Kim Robertson, Member at Hridhaya Centre for Wellbeing

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