Alignment – why waste time?

Unless you are looking to transcend the fleeting highs and lows that come with every day life, don’t waste your time on ‘alignment’. Seriously! If you are enjoying the roller coaster ride, keep going and close this window. But if you are not, then read on.  No right or wrong here. Simply a matter of relevance.
I say that because there was a large chunk of my life when I was happy with the dramas that happened in my daily life and I felt no need for looking beyond the visible. I obviously complained now and then but I enjoyed the ride. It was like I believed that there was no life beyond the drama.

It is when life stopped being satisfactory and I noticed this emptiness inside me that could not be filled with any amount of shopping trips, dates or accomplishments, that I was drawn to explore the deeper and invisible principles of life.

Alignment is such a thing. Unless your life naturally brings you to it, it means nothing to you. 

What is ‘alignment’ anyway? I will keep this as jargon free as possible. Here I go!
Depending on our external circumstances to make/keep us happy is fleeting and unreliable. If one things works something else stops. Work is going great but the family is out of shape. Money is plenty but health not so. You get the drift? So the point is, as long as you depend on your life circumstances to be perfect in every aspect, so you can be happy, life will continue to let you down…
As an alternative, consider this. While many aspects of your life continue to be less than perfect or even worrisome, you step back a little and dive deeper into your ‘Self’. You establish a connection with your Higher Self/ Soul/ Essence and allow its wisdom to guide you. While you get so lost in the pure joy and steady contentment that comes with connecting with your Higher Self, life somehow falls into place. This is alignment!

The effortless steady forward movement that comes as a result of knowing your Self deeply, is alignment.

Like standing on one of those travelators in the airport!
Funnily enough, when you are aligned with your Self, you fall naturally into alignment with the Universe and the forces that govern it!
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Author: Prabha Srinivasan, Inner-life Coach at SHFT Inside

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