Power to change your past

Forward by Prabha Srinivasan:

While forgiveness is an amazing practice, it is not always easy and definitely not something our rational mind can agree on! Especially when we have pain associated with certain memories. When it comes to such incidents, from our past, we tend to look back to it helplessly and wish it hadn’t happened. But what if we could change it? What if we could rewrite our past, in our mind, so that it doesn’t hold us back anymore? This is precisely what Time Based Therapy (TBT) helps us achieve. However, Kim’s article below can help you achieve that same result by following a meditative exercise that Kim has found to work for her. Kim Robertson is one of our members and has kindly sent us this piece of writing that may be of help to you…


Most of us can put our hands up to having experienced some sort of traumatic or distressing situation is our life that often leaves us carrying the after effects until we have offered full forgiveness to the cause.  Even for those who have worked hard to practice forgiveness, it may not always be subconsciously accepted and quite often we are unaware that total acceptance has not been achieved.

Do you have a past memory that keeps triggering negative responses in you? If so, try this exercise.

This simple meditative exercise involves visualising a different, more favourable, outcome to the old distressing event. By doing so you are changing the subconscious reaction.  This means that from now on whenever you think of that incident, you will recall the favourable outcome instead of the distressing one.  This can help neutralise the effects of the distress and make it easier to achieve total forgiveness.

Meditation for changing your past:

  1. Prior to meditation, use a journal to recollect the distressing incident and write down one favourable or desired outcome to that same event. This will help you visualise clearly in your meditation.
  2. Sit in a comfortable position, where you will be undisturbed for a while.
  3. Close your eyes and visualise the old circumstances as if you are watching the scene play out on a movie screen and play it through to the end as it was.
  4. Now, replay the scene again but change the outcome to the desired outcome you wrote down in your journal.
  5. Stay here as long as it takes as sometimes it may prove difficult to change the outcome during the first visualization.  Repeat this entire meditation regularly until you can replay the scene effortlessly to end with your desired outcome.
  6. This is where the change occurs to the subconscious memory. Once total forgiveness is achieved, you will undoubtedly notice change for the better.

Author: Kim Robertson, Member of Hridhaya Centre for Wellbeing


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