Emotional Freedom Technique


WHITE RIBBON DAY ‘ we have all heard or are aware of what this means !

YES! Prevention for ‘ Women Against Violence ‘

As a Psychotherapist wearing many other hats that I’ve earned from shear hard work and study, I too have been a victim of this brutal behaviour.

One of the most powerful therapies used to over come domestic violence issues is Emotional Freedom Technique.  HOW YOU MAY ASK! This therapy taps deep into the subconscious mind and surfaces all the hidden emotional issues of the past memories of a person who has been subjected to violence. My own experience taught me that no woman has to stay in an unsafe environment, in FEAR. Fear cause ourselves to accept the violent behaviour until the mind and body has had enough or gives up.

The power of healing through EFT, is to let go of old habits and ‘welcome’ new ideas to help oneself, become more confident, motivated, accept who you are, walk in your own power, accept the gifts that lay buried deep inside yourself.

I have been using this therapy with clients and the results have been astounding to the point where women have worked hard on their emotional issues to change the way they are living their lives. Today I still have contact from past clients that need what I call ‘ A TOP UP OF POWER ‘ to keep them on the right track.

Should you be in a position of being disempowered because of your environment then consider this.

‘Your life belongs to you and you are not here to be subjected to violence or been made to feel that you have no where else to go, not worthy, only domesticated, to be controlled, beg, steal, borrow to make ends meet, and sacrifice yourself to diffuse anger and keep peace in your relationship.’

WALK IN YOUR OWN POWER and your beacon will always shine for you.

To make an appointment or further enquires call the Counselling and Healing Studio.

Written by Psychotherapist & EFT Advanced Practitioner Sylvanna Scott.


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