Stress less


Bluewater trail

So many of us spend our days struggling to put down our baggage. Here are a few simple and cost-free ways to stress less. Why? Because knowing how to diffuse the simple stresses can stop it from accumulating into bigger ones with complicated names!

  1. Connect.It doesn’t matter who. On a stressful day just talking to someone about what is stressing you, can give you a sense of relief and value. If you don’t have anyone to confide in, even better. Simply take a paper, a pen and start writing as if you are talking to a friend. Trust me it is more sane than having a melt down.
  2. Go for a walk. Or run. Or a bike ride. Being out in the open, breathing fresh air can do magic for your thinking. If you persist, after the first few minutes, you will feel an urge to just let go of the problem and find your inner strength.
  3. Sing. It’s OK if you are not the best in town. Sing a song you love. Even nursery rhymes count. Singing taps into the creative part of us and thus switches off the logical part of the brain. What a relief!
  4. Stretch. Know it or not a lot of our muscles get deathly cramps when we are stuck to a thinking pattern. We hold ourselves in all odd postures when we are stressing. Be it simple stretches or a full on routine of Yoga, Tai-chi or Pilates, it will revert your breathing to normal. My personal favourite is the ‘sun salutation’, first thing in the morning.
  5. Help someone. See an elderly crossing the street or pushing a trolley? Offer to help. See someone on the street looking lost. Ask if they are ok. Reaching out to people snaps us out of the ego-driven thinking of I, me, myself. And guess where all the stress comes from?

If you have a special technique to break stress, share with us below.

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